Change Desktop Background Automatically (Windows 10 Wallpaper Slideshow)

Change desktop background windows 10
Change the wallpaper on windows 10 as you like. It will change automatic every 10 minutes. To do this, we will guide you step by step. The simplest way is to customize it with “Windows Setting”

There are many ways to enter Windows Settings on Windows 10, Mobile Computer Skills will Guide 3 ways as follows:
Method 1: Press hotkey “Window + I” to open Windows Settings
how to change desktop background
Mothod 2: Search in Cortan “settings” -> Enter
how to change background on windows 10
Mothod 3: “Windows” -> “Setting”
computer settings windows 10
In Windows Setting chooses Personalization and follow the instructions below

Windows 10 Wallpaper Slideshow

wallpaper settings windows 10
windows 10 slideshow
Background chooses “Slideshow”
photo display folder
Click the Browse button and choose the folder containing your favorite picture
photos folder in windows 10
time for change images
Change picture every choose “10 minutes”

Also, you can set how time for desktop background as you want.

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