How to Customize Windows 10 (Start Menu, Taskbar, Title Bar)

customize start menu, taskbar, title bar on windows 10
You can easy customize Windows 10 in many ways, as change color start menu, title bar, taskbar  with few simple steps. This tips guide for you switches dark theme, Light theme on windows 10. Hope this tip will refresh your computer

How to Customize Windows 10 Start Menu

how to customize windows 10 start menu
Step 1-2: Start -> Setting or press “Window + I” to open Windows Settings
windows personalization
Step 3: In “Windows Settings” -> “Personalization”
windows 10 custom color
Step 4: Choose “Tab Colors” in “Personalization”
windows 10 start menu customize
Check “Start, taskbar, and action center” to change the colors of “Start button”, “Taskbar” and “Action center”
windows 10 title bar color
Check “Title Bars” to change the colors title bar windows 10

How to Enable Windows 10 Dark Theme

how to enable windows 10 dark theme
Choose “Dark” in “Choose your default app mode” if you dislike “Light theme”

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