How to set Picture Password in Windows 10

windows 10 login picture
In Windows 10, there are more ways to log into your computer. You can to use a password, a pin code, or use devices that are paired to your PC to know when you’re away. Howerver today, Basic for Windows 10 will going to show you how to make a picture password

How to Make a Picture Password

windows settings
Step 1 and 2: Open Windows Settings (Windows -> Settings or press “Windows + I” hot-key)
account settings
Step 3: Go to Accounts
account information
Step 4: Click Sign-in options. To can use Gmail (as above figure), you see gmail for windows 10
windows picture password
Step 5: Go to the Picture password section and click the Add button.
create a picture password
Step 6: Enter the password, you can watch a tutorial provided with the default image. Next, Click OK to set picture password in windows 10
password images
Step 7: Click Choose picture button if you not use the default image
use this picture
Step 8: Click Use this Picture to use the picture you have selected
set up your gestures
You can setup a password by way drawing shapes, tapping the right points, or making the right gestures three times over an image
confirm your gestures
Confirm your gestures (repeat your three gestures)
how to set password in windows 10
Step 9: Click Add to create completely picture password

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