Use Desktop Sticky Notes Windows 10 to Remember things to do

sticky notes windows 10
Sometimes we needs to remember something, the most effective way to remember it is to create a notes. Windows 10 provides an effective tool for writing essential things on the desktop. With Sticky Notes you can place them anywhere you want on your Desktop, you also can format their text, resize and change colors thems. windows 10 basic guides how to open and use Sticky Notes

How to use sticky notes windows

how to use sticky notes windows
1. Click right mouse button on Taskbar

windows ink workspace

2. Check Show Windows Ink Workspace button

windows 10 ink

3. Look under the bottom right corner of screen, have a pen

sticky notes windows 10

4. Click the pen and select Sticky Notes

windows sticky notes

4. Write what you want and click X to hang Sticky Notes on desktop

post it notes for windows

desktop post it notes

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